Meeting Minutes of the Richmond City Council

July 6, 2016

City Council Workshop Meeting



Item #1: Call to Order

Mayor Hemmesch called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.


Council Members noted as being present: Jim Hemmesch, Pat Evens, Mike Mathiasen, Tim Paczkowski

Council Members absent: Katy Kirchner


Also present were: Tesa Tomaschett, Administrator Clerk-Treasurer; Cindy Anderson, Utility Billing Clerk; David Blommel, City Engineer; Gordon Dingmann, Public Works Director


Item #2: Approval of Agenda

Mayor Hemmesch asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda. Hearing none

Motion made by Councilor Paczkowski to approve the Agenda, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen. Motion passed unanimously.




a.       South East Side Water/Sewer Connection David Blommel, City Engineer reviewed cost of the project. He also went over some possible grant options.

Council asked why the Engineer did not use lineal foot for the lots. Blommel explained that some of the properties are very narrow and very long and he used the fairest measuring.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to hold an informational meeting with property owners on August 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen. Motion carried.


b.       Valley Ranch- Tomaschett explained that she would like to remove $11,829.30 from their current tax roll and re-assess for 5 years. She also stated that they have paid $1,000.00 and will pay another $1,000.00 in the fall of 2016.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to assess Valley Ranch Express for 4 years, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen. Motion carried.


A.     Conflict of interest memo Tomaschett explained that she had spoken with City Attorney and that when the City contracted with Hemmesch for burning he was not on the Council and that there was no conflict of interest. The Attorney felt it should have been brought to the Council once he was elected. However, going forward any financial gain for council members must be brought to the Council and a unanimous approval must be obtained before a contract or agreement with the city is signed.

Council discussed options if they do not use the Hemmesch farm. Suggestions were to have the fire department burn the pile, take it to Mississippi topsoil or stop doing the compost. Staff will look into those options and bring the information back to the next council meeting.


Motion made by Councilor Paczkowski to stay with the compost dump site at Mayor Hemmesch land, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen. Roll call: Mathiasen Yes; Evens No; Paczkowski Yes; Mayor Hemmesch abstaining. Motion failed for lack of unanimous vote.


Council discussed what to do with the brush pile that is accumulating that is at the compost site.

         A suggestion was made to have the Fire department do a burn staff will speak with the fire Chief

         Mississippi Top Soil staff will contact them and get prices for this.


This will be brought back to the July workshop.


(Reconvene Council Meeting)



Item #3: Request for Council Action Purchase Requisitions Allocations and Transfers - none




Item #4: Other Matters of Concern and Related Matters - none


Item #5: Adjournment


Mayor Hemmesch asked for any additional items.

Hearing none Mayor Hemmesch declared the meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Tesa Tomaschett

City Administrator Clerk-Treasurer