Meeting Minutes of the Richmond City Council

Wednesday, May 7 2014

City Council Meeting



Item #1: Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor Kron called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.


Council Members noted as being present: Scott Kron, Mike Mathiasen, Pat Evens, Jeff  Mackedanz, Tim Paczkowski


Also present were: Martin Bode, City Administrator; Chad Johnson, PeopleService; Gordon Dingmann, Public Works Director; Kevin Mooney, Parks & Arena Director; Chuck Merten, Fire Chief;  Tammy Paczkowski, Cold Spring Record; Brad Busse, Channel 10. 


Item #2: Approval of Agenda


Mayor Kron asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda.  

            Add to Consent Agenda – Resolution 142-14.

            Add to 7.C Trails/Parks/RLCA – Resolution 143-14


Mayor Kron asked for the Approval of the Agenda.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approve Agenda, with additions, seconded by Councilor Mackedanz.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #3: Approval of the Meeting Minutes of April 2nd and April 17th, 2014


Mayor Kron asked for any corrections or additions to the April 2nd and April 17, 2014 minutes, hearing none, Mayor Kron asked for a motion of approval.


Motion made by Councilor Mackedanz to Approve the Meeting Minutes of April 2nd and April 17th, 2014, seconded by Councilor Evens.  Motion passed unanimously


Item #4: Approval of Bills

Mayor Kron asked for a motion of approval of Bills.

            Council asked about check #16194 – Does the Chief get a copy of the Certificates of Completion?  Decided to             wait until the Chief’s report and he can answer that question.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approve the Bills, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #5: Consent Agenda


A.     Resolution 138-14 Approval of Closing and Final 2013 Journal Entries and April 2014 Journal Entries

B.     Resolution 139-14 Approval of 2014-2015 Liquor License’s

C.     Resolution 140-14 Approval of 2014-2015 Tobacco License’s

D.     Resolution 141-14 Approval of Temporary 1-4 Day Liquor License for Country Snow Cruisers

E.      Resolution 142-14 Approving Conversion of Water Infrastructure Fund Loan to a Grant and proving for the Redemption and Repayment of the City’s General Obligation Sewer Revenue Note, Series 2006B



Motion made by Councilor Paczkowski, to approve Consent Agenda, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen. Motion carried.



Item #6: Presentation and Actions Items –   Did not attend



Item #7: Department Reports


a.       Police Department- Sgt Boucher reported on the past month activities. 

Police Dog Abby went thru her annual test, and passed

b.      Water/Sewer - PeopleService – Chad Johnson;  Johnson reviewed the past month

Flushing the hydrants will happen soon, when the weather cooperates, with-in a month and will be in the paper.  He reported the dehumidifier is working well.

c.       Trails/Parks/RLCA – Kevin Mooney, Parks Director

He reported that he reviewed all the parks and made a list of items of projects for the next months.

Rocori Trail – He reported that there is a portion of the trail that has cracks and they have met with the contractor and they will look further into this.  He will have more information at the next Rocori Trail Board meeting.  Phase II is in the design phase.

He reported the Water festival is Friday at the Arena.  About 350 4th graders from different school districts (Richmond, Eden ValleyWatkins, Kimball, Rocori).

Upcoming at the Arena:

            City clean-up is May 17th  8-11 am

            Firefighters Chicken Dinner May 18th 4-7:30 pm

            Relay for Life

            Hazardous Waste Cleanup was today.  They had 117 cars, 100-150 area homes.

Lacrosse Tournament – May 17-18 Centennial Park

Little league, baseball, softball has started.

Music in the Park begins June 3rd starting earlier 6:30-8:00 – Rick and Tim Band.  Mr. Mooney stated that they are looking for people who would like to have items at a farmers market during Music in the Park.

Soccer – Community Ed will be holding soccer this summer.


Resolution 143-14 Approval of Temporary 1-4 Day Liquor License for Country Snow cruisers for Thursday, July 17th held at the River Lakes Arena. 


Motion made by Councilor Mackedanz, to approve Resolution 143-14 Temporary 1-4 Day Liquor License for Country Snow Cruisers, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen. Motion carried.


d.      Streets – Gordon Dingmann –

Mr. Dingmann reviewed the 2014 projects for Public Works.

Air Patching will start as soon as weather allows.

2013 Main Street Project punch list, work should be starting soon.

Compost is open Monday – Saturday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Putting Flags up this month


e.       Fire Department – Fire Chief Chuck Merten;

Chief Merten gave his monthly report; Firefighters fund raiser - May 18th 4-7:30 pm

Chief Merten stated they will be given a certificate of completion.





Item #8: Council Reports


a.       EDA – it was reported that the EDA is in the final stages of starting a Richmond Commercial Enhancement fund for commercial properties.  It is an enhancement matching deferrable loan program – up to $1500.00 in matching dollars Applications will be available at City Hall.  They are also working on a BR &E (business retention and expansion program), will have more information at a later date.

b.      Planning Commission – was reported that it was an informational meeting with the 2 new members.  They discussed annexation, zoning of property, etc.  The next meeting is May 29, 2014.

c.       Tri-City Cable – it was reported that they are working on the agreement with Midcontinent.


Item #9: Request for Council Action


            Fund 306- GO St Imp Bond 2005B – Administrator Bode reported that an USDA audit was done this past week.              During the audit the payoff of the $52,000.000 2005B GO St Imp Bond was discussed.  He recommended saving the interest and pay off the loan.


Motion made by Councilor Evens, to approve Resolution 144-14 Approval of Pay off of the Fund 306-GO St Imp Bond 2005B, seconded by Councilor Paczkowski. Motion carried.


            Administrator Bode also discussed paying off the Bond for the Arena for $150,000.00 at 4.75% interest.  He will      bring this to the Council for approval at another Council meeting.


Item #10: Other Matters of Concern and Related Matters



RE: Property at 194 King Ave SE – Complaint about water not being properly diverted.

The Zoning Administrator and the Zoning Inspector went to the property and reviewed the complaint and found that there were no zoning violations and the owner was notified.  This matter was presented to the Planning Commission and forwarded to the City Council and it is the Zoning Administrators recommendation that there is no zoning violation in regards to this property.


Council asked if there were any sump pumps in the City.  Johnson with PeopleService stated that he was not aware of any.    


Item #11: Adjournment


Mayor Kron asked for a motion to adjourn. 

Councilor Evens made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Paczkowski.  Motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Kron declared the meeting adjourned at 7:39 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Martin M. Bode