Meeting Minutes of the Richmond City Council

Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Item #1: Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor Hemmesch called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.


Council Members noted as being present: Pat Evens,  Jim Hemmesch, Josh Worm, Tim Paczkowski

Members Absent: Mike Mathiasen

Also present were: Martin Bode, City Administrator; Gordy Dingmann, Public Works Director; Kevin Mooney, Parks and Arena Director and Greg Stang, Regional Director for PeopleService.


Item #2: Approval of Agenda


Mayor Hemmesch asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda.   

                Move PeopleService to top of agenda

Mayor Hemmesch asked for a motion to approve agenda.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approve the Agenda with change, seconded by Councilor Worm.  Motion passed unanimously.


PeopleService-Greg Stang

a)       Paint water tower base and stem:  Mr. Stang reported that the Price for base and stem would be about $10,000.00

The Council asked for more information and for Greg to bring the different costs to the next Council meeting.

b)       Fluoride: Mr. Stang recommended that the Council approve compliance with the Minnesota Rule 4720.0030


Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approving Resolution 138-15 approve the variance request to Minnesota Rule 4720.0030 allowing the City to lower the fluoride concentration in public drinking water to be at an average of 0.7 mg/l , Seconded by Councilor Paczkowski.  Motion passed.


Item #3: Sidewalks in City

a)       Repair or remove sidewalk on 1st St SW between Fir and Elm

b)       Repair or remove sidewalk on Fir Ave S between Main and 1st St SW


Council reviewed the pictures of the sidewalks that need repair.  Public Works Director Dingmann reviewed the sidewalks that would be part of the 2018 street projects.

Council directed the Administrator to draft a letter outlining the City Ordinance that requires sidewalks to be maintained/repaired and bring the letter to the June 3rd Council meeting.


Item #4: Council Action - Additional Purchase Requests, Allocations and Transfers  


a)       GASB 67/68 Fire Relief Actuarial Study

Council discussed the Fire Relief Actuarial Study and the requirement to having it done.


Councilor Evens made a motion to require the Firefighters relief association complete the GASB 67/68 Fire Relief Actuarial Study and they split the costs 50/50 with the City tax dollars.

No second made, no action.


Councilor Worm made a motion to require the Firefighters relief association complete the GASB 67/68 Fire Relief Actuarial Study and the City tax dollars pay the entire fee, seconded by Paczkowski with stipulation that the Relief Association make a donation to help pay any of the cost.

Roll Call Vote: Yes- Paczkowski, Worm, Hemmesch No- Evens; Motion Passed


b)       Moved to item 2


c)       Paint Sprayer – Council discussed the quote (from Wenner’s Hardware) for a new paint sprayer.

Councilor Paczkowski made a motion to approve purchasing paint sprayer (titan 850) from Wenner’s Hardware, seconded by Evens.   Motion Passed.


d)       Post Audit 2015 Special C.I.P. Project – Administrator Bode explained that there is some money left from coming in under budget last year, so he is recommending the Council consider a CIP project. 

                                 i.            Centennial Park Band Shell - $35,000.00

                                ii.            Compost Walls - $5,000.00 – 2 bunkers 20 X 20.  It was explained that there already is a concrete floor; he would just need to move the dumpsters, and the barn.

                              iii.            Arena – $32,000.00 - to insulate the interior to eliminate the moisture from freezing and thawing - $

                              iv.            Councilor Evens discussed the idea of purchasing some land from the County Garage area – it was explained that the EDA is in communication with the County and they are looking into purchasing the land in order to utilize the lake resources as economic development.  The Council discussed the different options.


Councilor Paczkowski made a motion to approve purchasing the cement walls for compost site at not to exceed $5,000.00, seconded by Evens.   Motion Passed.


Item #5: Summer Sewer Average for Non irrigations. (Business, Private Wells)


Administrator Bode explained that the water is averaged over the summer for irrigation and that businesses will not have an average.  Businesses that use water for a use that does not go down the sewer can purchase a meter   Council acknowledged that they understand this process.


Item #6: Annexation


It was reported that the planning commission would be meeting on Thursday May 28.  They would be holding an “open house” setting for those that they are looking at annexing into the City.


Item #7: Other Matters of Concern and Related Items


a)       PeopleService, MDH Fluoride – moved to item #2.

b)       Denny Property - Hemmesch stated that Mr. Denny asked if he could build a shed on a lot.  He was told that he cannot build without a principle structure (per ordinance).  Hemmesch asked the Council if they would consider allowing him to build a shed with the stipulation that if he sold the lot a principle dwelling would have to be built within a year.    Council stated that he would need to bring his plan to the Planning Commission first.

c)       Street Numbers on 4th St NW - the new numbering was recommended.


Councilor Worm made a motion to approve renumbering 4th ST NW as presented by the Public Works Director, seconded by Hemmesch.   Motion Passed.


d)       WCCO “Going to the Lake” will be in area chatting with people regarding the chain of lakes, River Lake Days and the Fishing Tournament.

e)       B R & E project – Paczkowski and Worm reported that earlier in the day they had attended a B R & E retreat with 15 other task force members.  They reviewed the initial projects – bike rental, ice fishing tournament, Senior (55+) housing, and seminars for area businesses to enhance businesses.    He explained that many ideas were brought up and discussed.  The group will be moving forward and working on these ideas.

f)        Council asked what the process is for the 2018 street project.  It was explained that there would be public hearings for the residents.

g)       Police Hiring Committee – Hemmesch and Mathiasen are the 2 appointed councilors on the committee.


Item #8: Adjournment 


Mayor Jim Hemmesch asked if there was any further business, hearing none,  declared the meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Martin M. Bode

City Administrator