Meeting Minutes of the Richmond City Council

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

City Council Meeting



Item #1: Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor Hemmesch called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.


Council Members noted as being present: Pat Evens, Mike Mathiasen, Jim Hemmesch, Josh Worm, Tim Paczkowski


Also present were: Martin Bode, City Administrator; Gordon Dingmann, Public works Director; Kevin Mooney, Parks and Arena Director; Chad Johnson, PeopleService; Jesse Kollmann, Fire Department; Steve Kascht, Fire Department; Chuck Merten, Fire Department; Jim Worm; Tammy Paczkowski; Frank, St. Cloud Times;


Item #2: Approval of Agenda


Mayor Hemmesch asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda.   .

Mayor Hemmesch asked for the Approval of the Agenda.


Motion made by Councilor Paczkowski to Approve Agenda, seconded by Councilor Evens.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #3: Oath of Office


Jim Hemmesch (Mayor), Josh Worm (Councilor), Mike Mathiasen (Councilor) took the oath of office.


Item #4: Approval of the Meeting Minutes of December 3, 2014


Mayor Hemmesch asked for any corrections or additions to the December 3, 2014, hearing none, Mayor Hemmesch asked for a motion of approval.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approve the Meeting Minutes of December 3, 2014, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #5: Approval Bills Paid


Mayor Hemmesch asked for a motion of approval of Bills Paid

            Check # 16621 were there quotes from area businesses.  Yes they did receive a quote.

Motion made by Councilor Mackedanz to Approve the Bills, seconded by Councilor Evens.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #6: Consent Agenda


A.     Resolution 100-15 Approval of December 2014 Journal Entries

B.     Resolution 101-15 Lawful Gambling Exempt Permit to Knights of Columbus on 3.15.15

C.     Resolution 102-15 Approval of 2015 Annual Resolution

D.     Resolution 103-15 Appointment/Reappointment of Planning Commission Members

E.      Resolution 104-15 2015 Corporate Resolution with state Bank of Richmond

F.      Resolution 105-15 Updated 2015 city Fee and Charge Schedule

G.     Resolution 106-15 Approval of LMCIT Recommendation of Settlement


Motion made by Councilor Evens to approve Consent Agenda, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen.  Motion carried.



Item #7: Department Reports

a.       RLCA/Parks – Kevin Mooney, Parks/Arena Director gave a report about the January schedule for hockey.  He reported that there are many tournaments in January/February.    The outdoor rink is closed due to weather.  .  He reported that the new furnaces and new speakers were installed.   The Music in the Park group are working on securing the bands for the summer and they are working on a special event for the 125th celebration that will be held on Tuesday, July 14.

b.       Emergency Management – Jesse Kollmann, Emergency Management Director, reported on 2014.  2014 was a fairly quiet year, no severe weather moving through Richmond.   Kollmann stated the he and Steve Kascht attended a skywarn training (part of the emergency management quarterly meetings).  On January 20, 2015 the quarterly Stearns County Emergency Management meeting, will be held here, at city hall.    He reported that they have bags for sanding on hand if flooding occurs this spring.

c.        Public Works/Streets – Gordon Dingmann, Public Works Director reported that December was a slow month for snow removal.  He will be meeting with Rockville, St. Martin and Cold Spring to plan for street repairs and maintenance.  Dingmann reminded people that Christmas trees are not accepted at the compost sit .

Reminder: Everyone needs to Clear snow from sidewalks, fire hydrants and mailboxes.

Dingmann stated that he has a Cat at the Public Works building, it was found at the east end of town.  Anyone who lost a cat should contact City Hall at 597-2075 to claim their cat.

d.       Water/Wastewater- Chad Johnson, PeopleService reported that it has been quiet and going well this season.

e.        Fire Department – Chuck Merten, Fire Chief gave the December Monthly report.   He went over the 2014 report on calls and trainings.   


Resolution 107-15 Declaring old fire helmets, scba tanks and old turnout gear as Excess Property.

Chief Merten went over the different items.  He would like to sell them either on ebay, or a fire website or advertise in a fire publication, etc.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to approve Resolution 107-15 Declaring old fire helmets, scba tacks and old turnout gear as Excess Property, seconded by Councilor Paczkowski.  Motion carried.


Item #8  Council Reports


a.       EDA- Next meeting January 27 6:30 pm – Maintenance Building.    It was reported that B R & E program is well underway and the interviewers are meeting with area businesses.   The forgivable loan program still has funds available for exterior work on an active commercial property.  The EDA also has a revolving loan fund available.  At the next meeting they will be electing the Chair, Vice Chair and treasurer.

b.       Planning Commission- It was reported that they had discussed the AHO Concept plan.  Next meeting January 15th; joint meeting with the Council.

c.       Parks/ RTCB next meeting January 8, 9:00 am, Rockville City Hall.

d.      Tri City Cable – no report

e.       Mayor’s Report –

Tremendous Night in Richmond was a real success.  Mayor was impressed with the number of people attending the event. 

Mayor’s Breakfast, held in St. Cloud – Mayor Hemmesch attended the breakfast, he reported that this year they had 21 mayors from the surrounding cities. 

Conversation with St. Martin – Mayor Hemmesch would like a letter be sent to St. Martin requesting working together.  Administrator Bode will get the letter written for the Mayor’s perusal.

f.       125th Anniversary & River Lake Days – was reported that plans are underway for both.


Item #9: Request for Council action – none



Item #10: Other Matters of Concern and Related Matters.


a.       City Phones – Bode reported that City staff will be discontinuing the 3rd phone line at city hall, the land line at the public works and a line at the city hall kitchen.   

b.      Water/sewer Ordinance – put on Feb. 3 agenda

c.       SCML Meeting January 20, 2015; Mayor Hemmesch will attend


Item #11: Adjournment.


Mayor Hemmesch asked for a motion to adjourn. 

Councilor Evens made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mathiasen.  Motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Jim Hemmesch declared the meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Martin M. Bode

City Administrator