Meeting Minutes of the Richmond City Council

Thursday, November 17, 2016

City Council Meeting and Workshop


Item #1: Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor Hemmesch called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.


Council Members noted as being present: Pat Evens, Katy Kirchner, Jim Hemmesch, Mike Mathiasen

Council Members noted as being absent: Tim Paczkowski


Also present were: Tesa Tomaschett, City Administrator Clerk-Treasurer; David Blommel, City Engineer; Adam Ripple, City Attorney; Gordon Dingmann; Heidi Stalboerger; Michael Ricke; Chad Johnson; Michael Schreifels;


Item #2: Approval of Agenda


Mayor Hemmesch asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda, Additions to Agenda:

Item #8:

  1. Tree-mendous Night
  2. Ordinance Section 4-21


Motion made by Councilor Kirchner to Approve Agenda, with additions, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #3: Canvas 2016 Election Results

Resolution 179-16: Approving 2016 Election Results

Councilor Evens asked if these were the numbers the judges came up with. Tomaschett stated that these are the numbers she got from the state.     Councilor Evens made a motion to not accept this because the numbers don’t add up.


Mayor Hemmesch stated that this will be brought up later, giving Tomaschett time to locate the correct number.


Tomaschett notified Council that the correct number is 801 which include the 57 absentee ballots.


Motion made by Councilor Kirchner to Approve Resolution 179-16: Approving 2016 Election Results with typographical change to include absentee ballot numbers totaling 801 ballots casted, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #4: Consent Agenda

a.       Resolution 180-16: Resolution certifying unpaid municipal fees & utilities charged against property.

b.      Resolution 181-16: Agreement for snow hauling (3rd year of contract)

Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approve Consent Agenda, with, seconded by Councilor Kirchner.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #5: Public Hearing: Final Assessment on Maple Avenue

a.       Open Public Hearing

Mayor Hemmesch opened the public hearing at 6:37 pm.

David Blommel, City Engineer explained that this is the final assessment hearing for the Maple Avenue project.  


Michael Schreifels stated he did not receive any information.    Administrator Tomaschett printed a copy of the information that had been mailed. 


David Blommel reported that Mr. Schreifels assessment for this project is $12,623.05. 

Mr. Schreifels asked if he had to pay this because this is a storage unit and he does not need the services.   He stated he has a septic, but does not have a bathroom and does not have water.    

Tomaschett stated that the agreement states the sac and wac fees would need to pay at transfer, sale, or development.   Mr. Schreifels asked if he has Steve’s name removed would that mean he has to pay.  Ripple, City Attorney stated that was not the intent.


Mr. Schreifels requested that he be able to make annual payments at no set amount and no interest and that the assessment amount be put off until he sells or develops the property.  

Mr. Schreifels asked if he is getting the $12,623 no matter what.   Ripple stated payable over 10 years. 

Mr. Schreifels stated that his taxes will go up about 1000.00 and 1000.00 for assement per year; he felt this is borderline hardship.  He stated this was a little extreme.


Schreifels outlined the following as he understands:

·         Taxes will eventually go up when this all gets to the county

·         Assessments will go on when you get your homework done.

·         Sac/wac on hold until hook up, develop or sell the property.


Ripple, City Attorney reminded them that the longest period of time for a deferral is 30 years and must be paid in full in the 30th year;


Schreifels asked if there would be an option to pay 500.00 a year until something happens, like to be deferred.   Schreifels asked if he could make Payments of any amount, not be locked into $500.00. 


Ripple stated that if this is done it must be done in written form.    Ripple stated that the agreement would need to be brought back to council, but does not need a public hearing.


Tomaschett asked if Schreifels was happy with what had been discussed.   Schreifels stated that as long as the $12623.05 and the sac and wac are not going on immediately and that he could discuss something in the future to start working on paying the $12,623.05.


b.      Close Public Hearing

Motion made by Councilor Evens to close public hearing, seconded by Councilor Kirchner.  Motion passed.


Mayor Hemmesch directed the Council back to item #3.


(6:50 p.m. Temporary recess to the Council Workshop)

Mayor Hemmesch recessed the regular meeting in order for the Council to discuss the following workshop discussion items:

Item #6: Workshop


Workshop Agenda

A.     Well Quotes – Chad Johnson, PeopleService   

Johnson explained that well #4 needs to be cleaned.  This well was cleaned about 2006.  He explained that the time frame of cleaning is based on the use of well. 

Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approve the well cleaning  for Well #4 using Jennings Well Drilling, Inc. for $3400.00, seconded by Councilor Kirchner.  Motion passed unanimously.


B.     Office Hours

Motion made by Councilor Evens to keep office hours the same for 2017.    

            Motion failed for lack of second. 


Council discussed other options for city hall hours.


Motion made by Councilor Hemmesch to change City Hall hours to M – TH 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. and FRI 8 am – noon, seconded by Councilor Kirchner.  No- Evens; Yes – Kirchner, Hemmesch, Mathiason. Motion passed.


C.     Job Description – Administrator Tomaschett presented a job description that outlines the duties the current utility billing clerk is performing – which she titles “Deputy Clerk”.   Tomaschett explained that she is basing this on the Compensation program that was put together in 2009, and that the Utility billing clerk is currently in the wrong group.  

Council discussed the job description as presented.   It was stated that they felt that this office has taken on duties that should be done by the professional staff.


D.     Budget – Administrator Tomaschett requested approval of the proposed 2017 budget. 

Wage Increase – Tomaschett explained that her recommended wage increases are included in the budget being presented.    Council asked that Tomaschett get Stearns County pay raise amount for 2017.


E.      Comprehensive plan/survey – Councilor Kirchner stated the Planning Commission is looking at updating the Comprehensive plan.    Kirchner explained that the staff and the Commissioners could do much of the detail work before bringing on any other professional staff.

Council decided that a goal setting meeting – to include the Council, Planning Commission and EDA.  Set a date for February or March workshop.


F.      St. Martin/Roscoe – Hemmesch discussed meeting the Clerks and Council of the 2 cities. 

East end of town - it was recommended that Tomaschett meet with the property owner. 


G.     Northwest Utility Connection – Hemmesch stated that he would like to look at what it would take to provide water/sewer to the area.   He would like this to be a discussion the Council continues to have.


 (Reconvene Council Meeting)


Council Meeting Agenda Continued


Item #7: Request for Council Action - none



Item #8: Other Matters of Concern and Related Items

a.       Tree-mendous Night – Tomaschett asked if the Council had made a decision on providing hot dogs, etc.  Council stated they should order the same as last year (500 hotdogs: 250 each from Plantenberg’s and Reiland Locker).


Council asked if they could use the trailer again this year.   Evens stated he would be willing to rent the trailer for about $250.00.   


Motion made by Councilor Hemmesch to Approve spending $250.00 to rent trailer, propane and equipment  for tremendous night from Councilor Pat Evens, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen, Councilor Evens abstained.  Motion passed unanimously.


b.      Ordinance Section 4-21- Alcohol beverages in public places; Tomaschett asked if the Council wants this sent to the County for enforcement.    Council decided to wait until they hear from the Police Chief.

c.       Next Council Meeting December 7, 2016 – truth and taxation hearing

d.      River Lake Days Meeting, November 21 at 7:00 pm

e.       Rocori Trail – Adam Ripple reported that they closed on purchasing about 4 miles of trail from the railroad.


Item #9: Adjournment


Mayor Hemmesch asked for any additional comments, hearing none, declared the meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm 


Respectfully Submitted,



Tesa Tomaschett