Meeting Minutes of the Richmond City Council

Tuesday, July 2. 2013

City Council Meeting


Item #1: Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor Kron called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.


Council Members noted as being present: Pat Evens, Jeff Mackedanz, Scott Kron, Mike Mathiasen, Tim Paczkowski


Also present were: Martin Bode, City Administrator; Randy Jenniges, City Engineer, S.E.H.;  Phil Jones, Police Chief, Sergeant Chris Boucher, Tammy Paczkowski, Cold Spring Record; Gordy Dingmann, Public Works Director; Chuck Merten, Fire Chief; Aaron Cheeley, Channel 10.


Item #2: Approval of Agenda


Mayor Kron asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda.  

            Add item 4B: Police

            Remove item 11

Mayor Kron asked for the Approval of Agenda.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approve Agenda with changes, seconded by Councilor Mackedanz.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #3: Approval of the Meeting Minutes of June 5, 2013 and June 19 2013


Mayor Kron asked for any corrections or additions to the June 5th and June 19th, 2013 minutes, hearing none, Mayor Kron asked for a motion of approval.


Motion made by Councilor Mackedanz to Approve the Meeting Minutes of June 5, 2013 and June 19 2013, seconded by Councilor Paczkowski.  Motion passed unanimously


Item #4: Consent Agenda


A.     Approval of Bills

B.     Resolution 164-13 Approval of June 2013 Journal Entries

C.     Resolution 165-13 Approval of June 2013 Donations

D.     Resolution 166-13 Approval of PeopleService 2013 CPI-U Adjustment

Motion made by Councilor Mackedanz, to approve Consent Agenda, seconded by Councilor Evens. Motion carried.



Item #4B: Police – Chief Phil Jones, Interim Chief Chris Boucher

Chief Jones announced his retirement and thanked everyone for working so well with him and explained that Sergeant Boucher will be Interim Police Chief after Chief Jones retires.  Chief Jones also stated that Richmond will be involved with the hiring process.

Item #5: 2013 Main Street Project Update – Randy Jenniges, City Engineer


Mr. Jenniges gave a brief description of the phase system.  He stated that they had mailed out the Update #1 to the residents.

He is planning to have construction meetings every other week.   Mr. Jenniges stated that Main Street will begin sometime around August 1st and that they have in the contract that they can not start before River Lake Days. 

Mr. Jenniges reminded residents to:

§         Leave flags in the yards

§         Stay out of the construction zone

§         Direct questions to Kim, S.E.H on sight project manager


Item #6: Water/Waste Water Report – written report by Chad Johnson, PeopleService

Mayor Kron asked if there were any questions regarding the report.  No questions asked.


Item #7: Parks/RLCA Report – written report by Kevin Mooney, Parks Director

Mayor Kron went over the report.


Item #8: Public Works Report- Director Gordon Dingmann

Mr. Dingmann reported the items that public works will be working on this summer.

§         Hold off on curb and street striping due to the road construction

§         Air injection patching

§         Spraying for weeds

§         Getting signs ready for River Lake Days

§         Compost- due to storm damage he locked the site and opened another location for the trees and brush from the storm.  Mr. Dingmann is looking at ways of dealing with the very large pile.  Mr. Dingmann also spoke of the people who are bringing items and do not have a compost pass or are bringing items that are not accepted at the compost site.  Council discussed renting a chipper and grinding it into mulch and allowing people to pick it up.  Council also asked if Mississippi Top Soil would take the chips.  Mr. Dingmann reported that they will take the chips for free if we can get it to them.  The Council also asked if burning it could be an exercise for the Fire Department- Mr. Dingmann stated that he really would not want a fire back there, he is trying to get the grass growing, etc.    Council discussed different options for manning the compost site; electronic gate, reduce the hours, pay someone to man the compost site, charging people from the surrounding areas for each load they bring, contracting with someone to grind the brush at the end of summer, etc.    Council also reminded people to take their bags with them.

§         Will be doing Dust Control again this year.  Council suggested that we do the alley behind Jerry’s Firehouse Bar & Grill.


Item #9: Emergency Management – Director Jesse Kollmann

Mr. Kollmann addressed a concern the public had about the 2 storms on June 21

Sirens:  Why didn’t they hear the sirens?

            The sirens are designed to be an outdoor warning system and heard when you are outside.  You will want to listen to the radio when you are home.

            The storm came in so fast; the radar didn’t pick it up in time.

Damage:  the fire department put in about 100 hours of work during the storm; manning the downed power lines, removal of downed trees, etc.

              Approximately 250 trees, at $1000.00 a tree

              Total damage costs: estimated at $284,000.00

Mr. Kollmann reported that we are eligible for FEMA relief money.  Mr. Kollmann will be having a meeting on Tuesday to finalize the numbers and determine what the City may be eligible for and how it will be used.


Item #10: Fire Department Report –Chief Merten

Chief Merten gave the June report.


Item #11: Appointment of “Police Personnel & Policy Advisory Committee – removed



Item #12: Other


A.     Garbage hauling public hearing is August 7th- 6:30 p.m.

B.     Main Street Parking – Administrator Bode stated that he will have the “no parking from 2am – 5am” written in a resolution form at an upcoming meeting for their discussion.  Council asked if it would need a public hearing.  Was decided that having a public hearing was a good idea.

C.     Ordinance Violation- 41 Main St W:  Administrator Bode reported that in their packet they have a copy of the letter written by the City Attorney that was sent to the owner of the property.  Bode reported that addressing this issue is moving forward.

D.     River lake days – Councilor Evens reported that they had a meeting last night.  He stated that the meeting was well attended.  He reported that everything is coming together.  Councilor Evens stated that they are looking for Kiddee Parade entries.  They can pick up entry forms at City Hall or the Library. 

E.      Stearns County Land Use Division – Public Hearing Notice – Fyi

F.      Resolution 167-13     3 Year Postage Meter Agreement With Neopost


Motion made by Councilor Paczkowski, Seconded by Councilor Mackedanz to Approve Resolution 167-13 to Approve the  3 Year Postage Meter Agreement With Neopost and at the Administrators discretion  decide to use a different means for the mailing.  Motion passed unanimously




Item #13: Council Reports

A.     EDA – Councilor Mathiasen reported that the EDA is continuing to market the properties on 1st St SE(across the street from tower acres).    The next meeting is July 30th, 2013.

B.     Planning Commission- Council Mackedanz reported that the June meeting was cancelled. Next meeting is scheduled for July 25th at 6 pm.

C.     Parks/Rocori Trail – Councilor Paczkowski reported that they had their meeting this morning.   They decided to work on Phase II of the project.  The next Rocori Trails meeting is August 1st.    Councilor Paczkowski reported that Phase I came in under budget.   Councilor Paczkowski reminded residents they can not have motorized vehicles on Centennial Park Trail. 

D.     Tri City Cable – next meeting is July 10th.    Aaron Cheeley reported that they are looking for his replacement.  Mayor Kron thanked Mr. Cheeley for his efforts and wished him good luck in his future endeavors.

E.      LMC Annual Conf. - Mayor Kron reported that he and Administrator Bode attended the 100 year conference.  Mayor Kron stated that the conference was well worth attending.


Item #14: Request for Council Action none


Item #15: Other Matters of Concern and Related Matters -

A.     PAHC- Council stated they would like a representative to attend one of the upcoming Council meetings- to update the Council.

B.     Initiative Foundation – dues of $100.00are up. Richmond has not been a part of this since 2008.  Administrator Bode stated he will add the $100.00 in the budget and during the budget process the Council can decide to leave it in there or remove it.

C.     Utility Bill Rate Increase – Administrator Bode stated that he thought it very important to explain the difficult decision regarding the utility rate the Council had to make and the reason for it.    This decision will be provided on the Utility Bill going out on Monday.  Bode reported that as part of the 2013 Main Street project, approximately $850,000.00 of the funding is coming through the PFA, and as a requirement of the bond, the Council had to demonstrate how they are going to pay the loan back   The decision was whether to put this on the tax rolls or to raise the utility base rate, which is for paying debt services.  After a difficult and lengthy discussion the Council decided to raise the water base rate in order to afford to pay the bond back.   

D.     Council thanked the City staff; Gordy, Kevin, David and Chad for their quick work with the damages from the storm.  Their efforts were appreciated.

E.      Franchise Fee Flyer – Council asked for a flyer to be made listing the different franchise fee and where the money goes.  Administrator Bode stated that the franchise fee of $1.00 on gas and electric is going to pay for the street lighting portion of the 2013 main street project.  The money is being set aside each year.  If someone wants that in writing they can get something from the Administrator.


Item #16: Adjournment:


Mayor Kron asked for a motion to adjourn. 

Councilor Evens made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Paczkowski.  Motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Kron declared the meeting adjourned at 8:03 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Martin M. Bode