Meeting Minutes of the Richmond City Council

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

City Council Meeting


Item #1: Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance


Mayor Kron called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.


Council Members noted as being present: Pat Evens, Jeff Mackedanz, Scott Kron, Mike Mathiasen

Absent: Tim Paczkowski


Also present were: Martin Bode, City Administrator; Adam Ripple, City Attorney, Rinke Noonan; Kevin Mooney, Parks & Arena Director; Gordon Dingmann, Public Works Director; Tammy Paczkowski, Cold Spring Record; Ryan, Channel 10;


Item #2: Approval of Agenda


Mayor Kron asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda.  

            Hearing None, Mayor Kron asked for the Approval of Agenda.


Motion made by Councilor Evens to Approve Agenda, seconded by Councilor Mackedanz.  Motion passed unanimously.


Item #3: Approval of the Meeting Minutes of April 3rd and April 18th, 2013


Mayor Kron asked for any corrections or additions to the April 3rd and April 18th, 2013,

            Change:  Add Councilor Mathiasen to the absent list on April 18th, 2013.

 Mayor Kron asked for a motion of approval.


Motion made by Councilor Mathiasen to Approve Minutes of April 3rd and April 18th with change, seconded by Councilor Mackedanz.  Motion passed.


Item #4: Consent Agenda


a)      Approval of Bills Paid

b)      Resolution 137-13 Acceptance of April 2013 Journal Entries

c)      Resolution 138-13 Approval of 1-4 Day Temporary On-Sale Liquor License to Country Snow Cruisers

d)      Resolution 140-13 Approval of April 2013 Donations


Mayor Kron asked for any questions or comments.  Mayor Kron asked for a motion of approval of consent agenda.

Motion made by Councilor Evens, to approve Consent Agenda, seconded by Councilor Mackedanz.  Motion passed unanimously.

Item #5: Presentations and Action Items: None


Item #6: Water/Waste Water Report – written report submitted

Councilor Mathiasen asked about the sewer issue.  Was reported that the issue was discussed at the last meeting and that the issue is being addressed.


Item #7: Parks/RLCA Report – Kevin Mooney, Director

§         Centennial Park is now open.

§         The fields will be sprayed soon, once the weather is good.

§         Outside Lacrosse started this past week-end.  They had called Mr. Mooney the Friday before the event and understood there would be no washrooms available.

§         Ball Field working day with little League will be scheduled soon.  The scoreboards are in and Mr. Mooney thanked the State Bank of Richmond and Electrical Installers for funding most of the Scoreboard costs.  Council discussed the little leaguers drag the field after there games.

§         Rental of Parks – Mr. Mooney will update the web-site with information on how to rent the parks.

§         Walking track will be ready by early summer.

§         Advertised for Seasonal part time parks worker:  Mr. Mooney reported that he has received a few applications and he will be going through those and interviewing next week.

§         Mr. Mooney reported that he received a call from someone who purchased a lot next to Lions Park and had it surveyed and there is a sliver of land on Lions Park that appears to be part of that other lot. 

§         Music in the Park:  the schedule is set for the summer.  They have 6 Tuesday’s planned. Starting June 11 and running every other Tuesday.  They still need to schedule music for the Oktoberfest festival.

§         This past spring they did over $2500.00 in dry floor rental, most in arena history.

§         Upcoming Events at the Arena: Stearns County Hazardous Waste Clean-up is May 8th, City Wide Clean-up is May 18th, Fire Relief Association Dinner is May 19th, and State Bank of Richmond Customer Appreciation Day is June 6th.

§         Donated property – 2 parcels to the south of Lions Park, Great River Federal Credit Union will be donating the land to the City and the thinking is make it part of Lions Park.  A date to sign quit claim deed will be scheduled.  Mr. Ripple reported that taxes would be pro-rated to date of closing.

§         If anyone is interested in sponsoring a little league team they should contact Kevin Mooney.

§         Glacial Lake Trail – should be done this summer, no specific date at this time.


Council asked if the arena is booked for the summer.  Mr. Mooney reported that he has 3-4 events for June and July, but August is open.


Item #8: Public Works Report – no report given


Item #9: Fire Department Report – written report submitted, read by Mayor Kron





Item #10: City Attorney Report – Adam Ripple, Rinke Noonan

a).    Consideration of Resolution 139-13 – a Resolution Approving Purchase Agreement for LOT 1 BLOCK 2 with Richmond MN DG, LLC.

Mr. Ripple reported that the EDA approved the purchased agreement for LOT 2 BLOCK 2 with the Richmond MN DG, LLC.  The land is being sold below fare market value and that makes it a business subsidy.  The Richmond MN DG, LLC, has 180 days to go over everything (title, soil investigations, etc) and Mr. Ripple anticipates a closing date this summer.  The construction has to begin within a year and completed within 2 years following the closing.  The purchase agreement is contingent on the approval of the Business Subsidy Agreement being passed. 

Council asked why sign the purchase agreement ahead of the Public Hearing for the Business Subsidy.  Mr. Ripple explained that after the purchase agreement has been signed then the City will receive the earnest money and the Richmond MN DG, LLC can begin their do-diligence.

Council also asked if this group really needs a business subsidy.  Mr. Ripple explained the reason for a business subsidy is mandated because the property was sold below fair market value and is to encourage other businesses to locate in Richmond. 

Council also discussed their concern that this business may be a competition for existing businesses, and can the current businesses sustain the added competition.  They also stated they understand that it will add to the cities tax base.   They all agreed this is a tough decision and they do not want it to adversely affect any Main street business and that the Council and EDA must consider the current businesses and the future of the city as a whole when selling properties.


Motion made by Councilor Mathiasen, Seconded by Councilor Mackedanz, to Approve Resolution 139-13 Resolution Approving Purchase Agreement with Richmond MN DG, LLC., Councilor Evens opposed.  Motion passed.


b).    Joint Public Hearing with EDA – Business Subsidy Agreement is scheduled for 5.16.13 AT 6:30 P.M.


Item #11: Other:

a)      Garbage Hauling Survey Question:  Administrator Bode is waiting for examples of RFP’s from other cities.   Council would like this left on the agenda for future discussion.  Attorney Ripple discussed briefly the process the City of Sauk Rapids went through.

b)      Main Street Parking

      Council discussed different options for No Parking on Main Street.  They discussed     wanting a time limit set not just “no over night parking”, i.e. “No Parking 2 am – 5 am”.            The Council would like the signs up when the Main Street Project is complete.  Council             also suggested that the Property Owners be notified ahead of time so they can make    arrangements for their tenants. 

c)      Public Hearing – Chapter 4 of the City Code; Liquor Licensing is scheduled for May 16, 2013.  The Public hearing is to amend the length of term of the 3.2% license and the term of insurance to match the date of the license.  The fee would stay the same.

d)      Police written report submitted.  Mayor Kron read the letter from Chief Jones.





Item #12: Council Reports

a).    EDA – Councilor Evens reported that the EDA meet on April 30 and discussed the following:

I.        Sale of the Property

II.     Signage for businesses during the main street project.

b).    Planning Commission – Councilor Mackedanz reported that there was no meeting held.

c).    Parks/Rocori Trail- Trails meeting is scheduled for May 2nd, 2013

d).    Tri City Cable- Meeting April 10th, 2013.  Councilor Mackedanz reported that Tri City Cable will be working on upgrading their equipment and should be done by the end of the year.  They will be looking into all 3 cities sharing the accounting work and not just Cold Spring.

e).    River Lake Days:  Councilor Evens reported that they will be holding a meeting on May 6th – sorting buttons.  He went over some of the items that will be at River Lake Days.  He reported that it there are some new events and it will be a lot of fun and fantastic event for families as well as individuals. 


      Consideration of Resolution 141-13 – Authorization of Use of City Resources &           Personnel in Conjunction with River Lake Days.

A Motion was made by Councilor Mackedanz, to Approve the Resolution 141-13 Authorizing the Use of City Resources & Personnel in Conjunction with River Lake Days, Seconded by Councilor Evens.  Motion Passed Unanimously.

Item #13: Purchase Requisitions Allocations and Transfers


A Motion was made by Councilor Evens, to Approve the Purchase Requisition, Seconded by Councilor Mackedanz.  Motion Passed Unanimously.

Item #14: Other Matters of Concern and Related Matters

            City Engineer report submitted by Randy Jenniges


Item #15: Adjournment


Mayor Kron asked for a motion to adjourn. 

Councilor Evens made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mackedanz.  Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Kron declared the meeting adjourned at 8:01 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Martin M. Bode