Meeting Minutes of the Richmond City Council Workshop

March 16, 2017



Item #1: Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Hemmesch called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at Richmond City Hall.


Council Members noted as being present: Jim Hemmesch, Mike Mathiasen, Katy Kirchner, Michael Ricke, Tim Paczkowski


Also present were: Tesa Tomaschett, City Administrator; Jason Blum, Interim Police Chief; Gordon Dingmann, Public Works Director; Heidi Stalboerger


Item #2: Approval of Agenda

Mayor Hemmesch asked if there were any additions or changes to the Agenda.

Remove Item #3

Add #7 Lease Agreement

Motion made by Councilor Kirchner to approve the Agenda with changes, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen. Motion passed unanimously.


(Temporary Recess for Council workshop)




Item #3: Item removed


Item #4: Administrative Offenses Ordinances- Chief Jason Blum

Blum reviewed the drafts of the ordinances that are necessary to make any of the changes to administrative fines. The Council also looked over proposed fines set with the Administrative fees.

Blum asked that they redefine the no parking/snow emergency parking to make it clearer for the residents. Council discussed different options. Council asked to add a fine for winter parking violation. Tomaschett will get the changes made and the public hearing notice published.


Item #5: Council Email Tomaschett reported that she would get the Council e-mail set up and get the information to each of them.


Item #6: Library Agreement- Tomaschett reviewed the agreement, stated she had City Attorney review.

Motion made by Council Kirchner to approve the Library Agreement, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen . Motion Carried.


Item #7: Lease Agreement with DNR

Tomaschett explained that we have a lease for the municipal water supply well minimum setback with the DNR.

Motion made by Councilor Paczkowski to approve the 10 year lease agreement with the MN DNR, seconded Councilor Ricke. Motion carried.


Item #8: Discussion on Work Session

a.       Development-Residential/Commercial Mayor Hemmesch explained that he would like to see the Council look at reducing the cost of the building permit/sac/wac fees to entice builders to develop.

Council discussed that the real problem is the sac/wac fees. Richmond is substantially higher than neighboring cities.

Discussed options:

         Reduce sac/wac by $2,000 run as incentive for 2 years for new build.

         Hold the building permit and sac/wac fee until spec home sold


Motion made by Councilor Mathiasen to approve of reducing Sac/Wac fee to $4,950.00 for new builds, seconded by Councilor Kirchner. Motion carried.


Option A: Pay the building permit, and the $4,950.00 sac/wac fee.

Option B: defer the building permit fee, sac/wac and meter fee for 24 months


Motion made by Mayor Hemmesch, to defer the building permit fee and sac/wac and meter fee for up to 24 months or until sold, seconded by Councilor Kirchner. Motion carried.


Commercial incentives will be discussed by the EDA.


Motion made by Councilor Kirchner to approve providing services to Southside of Hwy. 23 if needed, seconded by Councilor Mathiasen. Motion carried.


b.       Tax Abatement/TIF Tomaschett explained that these are options available for business developments - (these each have specific requirements)


Tomaschett explained that an option could be a 5 year 20% tax phase in incentive for new development.


Motion made by Councilor Paczkowski to offer a new business or business enhancement phase in tax incentive of a 20% for 5 years, seconded by Mayor Hemmesch. Motion carried.


c.        Tax Base growth- annexation refer to item b. If some-one signs a request for annexation and fits the state laws for annexation - we will provide city services upon annexation.


d.       Attractions to Richmond- splash pad, fitness stations, multi-purpose shelter: Tomaschett reviewed the design for a band shelter at this time the cost is not recommended unless the money can be raised. She also discussed the fitness stations and the plan they are undertaking. Tomaschett reviewed an idea of putting in a splash pad. an area city spent about $80,000 on theirs. No plans or proposals presented at this time. Important that everyone should keep thinking about attractions for Richmond.


Item #9: Other Matters of Concern and Related Matters

a.       Council Ricke asked about sending a survey to residents. Mayor Hemmesch reminded the Council that in their discussion of doing a survey, a purpose was lacking. Important that the Council set a purpose/outcome for the survey.

b.       EMS updating the plan. Tomaschett reported that the EMS Director had been updating the plan for the past few years and will bring a copy to the April workshop.

c.        Reconvening a park board Tomaschett will meet with the parks director and discuss this.

d.       Nature Park Council discussed the option of running water and sewer to the park.

e.        Council Headshots - Tomaschett reported that a resident had approached her with providing head shots for the Council for free and then this person would use the pictures for business. Tomaschett will make arrangements.

f.        Next meeting April 5, 2017 at 6:30 pm


Item #10: Adjournment

Mayor Hemmesch asked for any additional items.

Hearing none Mayor Hemmesch declared the meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Tesa Tomaschett

City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer