New Residents

Be sure to take advantage of the many amenities our City has to offer, such as Nature Park which offers rustic river fishing and picnic opportunities; Centennial park which offers two ball fields, a soccer field and every other Tuesday evening music in the park series in the summer.  Richmond also has the Richmond Lion's Community Park located on Thein's Lake.  This is a wonderful place for swimming, picnicking and family gatherings.

For those of you who like to hike and bike be sure to enjoy Richmond’s Glacial Lakes trail system which connects to the RoCoRi trail.   At the Glacial Pavilion you will find the Blue Bike Project.  The use of these bikes are free to the public.

Also make sure and meet your neighbors by attending the City’s summer event known as River Lake Days which is held the third weekend in July, this event brings about 5000 people into our community.  Come out and enjoy the parade, bands, fireworks and general fun!!!