• Administration -  Oversees the Day to Day functions of the city.
  • Building Department - Permits, Zoning
  • Fire & Rescue Department - The Richmond Fire Department provides fire, first responder medical services and rescue services.
  • EMS (Emergency Management Services) -EMS is responsible for preparing for, responding to and recovery from all disasters and emergencies in the City.
  • Public Works & Streets
  • Parks - The Parks Department maintains several parks in the City of Richmond.
  • Utility/Water/Sewer - Utility bills are sent out bi monthly.  The meters are read February, April, June, August, October, and December.  Your statement is sent the week after the read and payment is due on the first Wednesday of the next month. 
  • Emergency Numbers - 911 or for non emergency call 320-685-8666.
  • City Government - The Mayor and City Council are elected to make decisions on behalf of Richmond's residents.